Cymbidium Safety Group Group of Companies that provide a professional OHS services allowing companies to focus on their core
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Get Health and Safety peace of mind. We monitor, audit and report to ensure compliance in your company.

Our efficient service allows your company to focus on your core business; as your occupational health & safety compliance is in professionally accredited hands at all times.

Our plans for monitoring site safety; as well as evacuation processes are practical and simple to follow and are fully compliant to all legislation. The burden and responsibility is off your shoulders!

Our system is fully compliant; updated regularly and is developed for your unique profile.

Process we use for compliance

Audit- Establish compliance and monitor progress.

Develop a Safety System according to your company needs. Implement all the legal appointments, Risk assessments, Policies and Procedures.

Administration of the health and safety services.

Site Inspections - On a Weekly/monthly basis we will meet with you to discuss and update the project plan and to identify any additional GAPs or problem areas and provide plan or compliance.

Construction Health & Safety

We provide a complete turnkey OHS system on your construction site.

Develop SHE SPECS and safety plan

Compile safety file

Assess contractor file for compliance

Site visits

Maintain site file

Toolbox talks

Fall protection plans

Emergency And Evacuation Planning / Fire Drill

The type and size of business as well as the risks of the business are considered when planning emergency preparedness and evacuation responses plans.

It is necessary to do at least 2 fire/Evacuation drills a year. This ensures the system is in place and in an emergency everybody knows what to do.

We assist with the following:

  • Auditing current evacuation plan, route and equipment
  • Assessing current plans, routes and procedures
  • As pre drill meeting with all role players
  • Full evacuation
  • Post drill meeting
Cymbidium Safety Group can function as client agent
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