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When employing people you are required by law to register with the work man's compensation and keep record of all injuries.

Cymbidium safety Group administers the following processes

IOD Administration

New Registration We facilitate new company registrations and get your registration number with the commissioner
Electronic submitting of wage return Annual assessments are submitted timeously to avoid penalties.  
Record Keeping A record of all claims have be kept on record
Good standing certificate Make sure your letter of good standing is always up to date.
Arrangements for instalments Instalments can be arranged for 2,3 or 6 months
Name changes Submission of forms to do Company Name Chance
Address Changes Submission of forms to do Address Chance
Account Management We review your COID account with the Compensation Commissioner to help you avoid excessive annual premiums and recover any monies historically due to your company.

IOD Management

Register the Claim We shoulder the complex claims procedure when an employee is injured on duty. We handle the full paper chase, from the hospitals where they are treated or admitted, and the Compensation Commissioner's office.
WCA assessment of partial or permanent disablement
Application for reopening claims
Recovering funds from commissioner (Wages, Traveling etc.)
Subscribing to our Injuries on duty package will give companies peace of mind
The burden of filling in and submission of forms is taken away by experiences in field
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